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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bivouac shelter?

A bivouac shelter is any of a variety of improvised camp site, or shelter that is usually of a temporary nature, used especially by soldiers, or persons engaged in backpacking, bikepacking, scouting, or mountain climbing.

What is Bivouac Ann Arbor?

Bivouac is a top shopping destination in Ann Arbor and offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, indie designer pieces, and popular street brands to outfit your life for the great outdoors (or indoors). Bivouac is a Clean Energy Supporter and part of #MIGreenPower, a new DTE initiative benefiting Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

What happened to bivouac?

Bivouac. Bivouac, the third team announced in the 2019 BIG3 expansion, had a strong inaugural season, winning the fifth place playoff game after a 4-4 regular season that included a narrow defeat to the eventual champion Triplets.

What is a bivouac sack?

A bivouac sack is a smaller type of bivouac shelter. Generally it is a portable, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to larger bivouac shelters. The main benefit of a bivouac sack shelter is speed of setup and ability to use in a tiny space as compared to tent-like shelters.

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