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What are The Amazing health benefits of cardamom?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cardamom? Improves Digestive Health. According to an Indian study, cardamom can be used in cuisines not just for flavor, but also for enhancing digestion ( 1 ). Promotes Heart Health. Its antioxidant properties can promote heart health. ... Aids In Cancer Prevention. ... Has Diuretic Properties. ... Helps Fight Depression. ... Fights Asthma. ... Aids In Diabetes Treatment. ... More items...

What is cardamom and what does it taste like?

Used in Asian and Indian cooking, cardamom is available in two main forms that present slight differences of aroma. Green cardamom is usually used in India and Malaysia and has a strong taste and a resinous fragrance. In contrast, black cardamom, also called Bengal cardamom, has a smoky, mint-like aroma.

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