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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes well with cardamom?

Throughout Europe, ground cardamom is used in sweet breads, cookies, and other baked treats. The sweet and exotic flavor of cardamom also goes well with meat dishes, rice, and stews. Feel free to experiment with this enticing spice in your recipes.

What can you use as substitute for cardamom?

Both cinnamon and nutmeg are each widely recommended as cardamom substitutes. Cinnamon is the most popular of the two for use as a standalone cardamom replacement; however, nutmeg is still a popular and relatively inexpensive alternative.

What does cardamom taste like?

Cardamom has a sweet flavor similar to those of grapefruit and ginger. This spice also includes floral and soapy flavors, along with green notes and a cool menthol undertone.

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