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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are CHD services important to HCC students?

Building upon HCC’s existing student services, the partnership will help embed CHD services on campus to help support students as they face challenges brought on not only by their academic pursuits but also in their individual lives. CHD continues to provide essential services to meet community needs.

How to apply for admission in dhe Chandigarh?

The students who are seeking admissions for DHE Chandigarh Government and Private Colleges can now start applying their admissions through Online on the Chandigarh Admsissions portal. The students can register their admissions into different courses like BA, B. Com, BSc, Commerce, etc.

Why do we have demo days at CHD?

Demo days are a big part of what we do here at CHD. We try to expose our students to product knowledge and skills they can take with them to the shop and salon and have an awesome career. September has been a busy month. We had sales picks on the first Wednesday where...

How is Chandigarh University shaped me as a person?

Chandigarh University has actually shaped me as a person. Guest lectures, case studies and on-the-floor practicalities as part of the curriculum gave us exposure to what’s actually happening in the real-time market worldwide. Department of Career Development at Chandigarh University has been very supportive throughout the journey.

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