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Frequently Asked Questions

How is chine colle used in the printing process?

The paper, usually in pre-cut shapes, is actually bonded to the heavier support paper of the print in the printmaking process. It is not just glued to the print as a collage element. Chine-collé is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to any type of collage.

When did William Corless Mills make the chine colle?

Chine-collé print of a bookplate designed for William Corless Mills, c. 1917. Chine-collé is a technique in printmaking, in which the image is transferred to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process.

What does chine colle in lithographs mean?

Many of our original prints, be they lithographs, woodcuts or zinc etchings, that are exhibited here in the gallery have chine-collé elements. So just what does this mean? Well, chine-collé is a special printmaking technique in which paper of a different color or texture is adhered to the overall piece.

What can I do with a chine colle workshop?

Change the way you think about chine collé with this simple, user-friendly process. This workshop will show you an alternative chine collé process using dry paper techniques which allows for intricate cut-out shapes as well as torn paper shapes with exact registration. Applications include intaglio, lithography, monoprint, and digital printing.

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