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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there internet banking at Delaware County Bank?

Our Internet Banking Service offers fast and convenient access to your County Bank accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the highest level of security available. Funds Transfer- Transfer funds from one account to another within the institution. Eliminate monthly pieces of paper. Cut down clutter, not a tree.

How do I remove online statements from my county bank account?

Click the Delivery Preference drop-down beside the account from which you want to remove online viewing and then select Paper. For combined online statements, select Paper for the primary account. Click Continue. Review the selected accounts as needed and then click Save Preferences.

What's the minimum deposit to open a checking account at County Bank?

County Bank offers a variety of checking account options to meet your individual banking needs. Minimum deposit to open account: $25.00. Minimum deposit to open account: $25.00. Minimum deposit to open account: $25.00.

Where do I Find my online bank statements?

Your statements are securely stored in online banking. Activate E-Statements during the Consumer Online Banking enrollment process or anytime within Consumer Online Banking. When you navigate to the Documents tab, you will be presented with the Add Online Statements Welcome Page.

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