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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Ectogenesis?

Definition of ectogenesis : development outside the body especially : development of a mammalian embryo in an artificial environment

What is the definition of glycogenesis?

Glycogenesis Definition. Glycogenesis is the biological process of forming glycogen from glucose, the simplest cellular sugar. The body creates glycogen through the process of glycogenesis to store these molecules for use later, when the body does not have readily available glucose. Glycogen is not the same as fat,...

Who coined the term ecogenesis?

The term “ecogenesis” was introduced in 1904 by the German scientist K. Detto, who used it to denote the process of adaptation in general. Ecogenesis is sometimes defined as the process whereby new forms appear under the influence of the environment.

What does epigenesis mean in biology?

Definition of epigenesis. 1 : development of a plant or animal from an egg or spore through a series of processes in which unorganized cell masses differentiate into organs and organ systems also : the theory that plant and animal development proceeds in this way — compare preformation sense 2.

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