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Frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the falling water floor plan?

The Falling Water Floor Plan - Howard Architectural Models Presented by Howard Models. Fabricated by City Models Ltd. Frank Lloyd Wright, who lived from (1876-1959) is one of the most renowned American Architects ever.

What are the two parts of the House of Fallingwater?

Fallingwater consists of two parts: The main house of the clients which was built between 1936-1938, and the guest room which was completed in 1939. The original house contains simple rooms furnished by Wright himself, with an open living room and compact kitchen on the first floor,...

Where is the Fallingwater guest house in Pennsylvania?

Historic American Buildings Survey, Creator, et al., photographer by Boucher, Jack E. Fallingwater, Guest House, State Route 381 Stewart Township, Ohiopyle, Fayette County, PA. Documentation Compiled After. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

What is the history of Fallingwater?

Designed and build during 1934-1937 in Ohiopyle, (Bear Run), Pennsylvania, Fallingwater was a vacation house for the Kaufmann family: Edgar, Liliane and son Edgar Jr., owners of a department store in Pittsburgh.

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