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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Fi collar dog GPS tracker?

My parents have this subscription, so this Fi collar review is as in-depth as it could be, covering the GPS-specific features of the Fi Collar dog GPS tracker. As of 2021 you can also buy the Fi dog collar online at, although you won’t be able to use our discount code on their site.

What is the Fi smart collar for dogs?

The Fi app reports the distance traveled, steps taken by your dog, and time take to walk your dog. While the previously reviewed Whistle Go Explore and FitBark GPS trackers are designed to attach to a dog’s existing collar, the Fi Smart Collar is built into a custom collar.

Does the Fi GPS collar work with AT&T?

The Fi Dog Collar uses the AT&T network for locating your dog when he or she is out of the house alone, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based safe zones. Your own mobile phone does not have to be on the AT&T network for your Fi GPS Collar to work, the two are unrelated.

Where can I connect my dog to Fi collar?

Your home – where your dog’s Fi Collar base station should be plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi As needed, additional base locations (such as your office, or dog sitter/parents’ home), and the phones of other trusted people, such as your dog walker, friend, spouse, kid, etc.

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