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Frequently Asked Questions

What is corroboration and why is it important?

Corroboration is the ability to compare information provided by two separate sources and find similarities between them.

What skills do you need to be a historian?

Becoming adept at chronological reasoning, comparison and contextualization, developing historical arguments backed by historical evidence and synthesizing and interpreting historical information will surely make you a better professional or amateur historian.

What are the three historical reading skills?

This chart elaborates on the historical reading skills of sourcing, corroboration, contextualization, and close reading. In addition to questions that relate to each skill, the chart includes descriptions of how students might demonstrate historical thinking and sentence frames to support the development of these skills.

How do you do corroboration in an essay?

Using direct and indirect quotes helps with this. Compare the two different summaries that you wrote and then look for the same or similar information in both lists. Any information that is similar between the two can be used as evidence for corroboration.

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