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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FNaF a good game?

A lot of things in FNAF are easily missable, and the series has deep lore beneath its scares. Even without all of the lore, backstories, and blink-and-miss-it plot points, it's still a great horror game due to the simplicity of its gameplay compared to the jarring nature of its scares. FNAF knows its niche.

What is the best FNaF game?

The best fnaf game out there is...fnaf4! As a horror game, it is very effective, and cured even my fear of fnaf3 jumpscares. Whenever I play this game I can feel my hands shaking and heart pounding.

What can you play FNaF on?

What Devices Can You Play Fnaf Help Wanted On? Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 WW : May 28, 2019 Nintendo Switch WW : May 21, 2020 Android WW : October 26, 2020 iOS WW : October 27, 2020 Xbox One WW : October 30, 2020.

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