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How do hunters and gatherers view rights to land?

Land Rights for hunter-gatherers and pastoralists – where people and wildlife thrive: Secure land rights for the Hadzabe, Akie, Maasai, and Datoga and support natural resource management efforts Advocate for national level for sound and supportive policies that secure rights and livelihoods for hunter-gatherers and pastoralists

What is a hunter-gatherer diet does to the body?

What a hunter-gatherer diet does to the body in just three days . Your gut microbiome is a vast community of trillions of bacteria that has a major influence on your metabolism, immune system and mood. These bacteria and fungi inhabit every nook and cranny of your gastrointestinal tract, with most of this 1kg to 2kg "microbe organ" sited in your colon (the main bit of your large intestine).

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