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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juneteenth National Independence Day a federal holiday?

We remain committed to ensuring appropriate recognition of Juneteenth National Independence Day. Please watch union publications for additional details. 2021, making June 19 a federal holiday. This new holiday commemorates the final end to slavery

Will mail delivery and postal operations continue Friday despite Juneteenth holiday?

Mail delivery and postal operations will continue Friday despite the designation of Juneteenth, a new federal holiday. The U.S. Postal Service announced mail delivery and other operations will continue Friday and Saturday despite the new Juneteenth federal holiday.

What are the 11 holidays in the United States?

The following 11 days are observed as holidays: (1) New Year’s Day. (2) Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday. (3) Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day). (4) Memorial Day. (5) Juneteenth National Independence Day. (6) Independence Day. (7) Labor Day. (8) Columbus Day.

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