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Frequently Asked Questions

Is LifeLock really worth it?

If you look high odds of becoming a victim, then yes , LifeLock is worth it. If you buy car insurance (which everyone does) than naturally LifeLock serves a similar purpose in protecting you. Reason 2 - Hurdles Prevent Fraud. LifeLock is Just Another Hurdle for the Fraudsters.

What is LifeLock and how does it work?

LifeLock is a subscription-based service that detects and alerts cases of identity theft and helps users recover from the damage inflicted when ID theft does occur. LifeLock divides its services into three tiers of protection.

Is LifeLock a public company?

LifeLock launched its new persona as a publicly traded company on Wednesday -- then watched as its initial stock price fell by several percent.

What does LifeLock actually do?

In short, Lifelock offers identity theft protection by monitoring the following: Mentions of the customer's name in public records and court records; New credit applications; Change of address notices; Known criminal websites that deal in stolen personal information; Tracking of a customer's TransUnion credit score.

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