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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chitubox basic?

CHITUBOX Basic, a full-featured 3D printing preparation tool, is designed to edit and slice your models with only a few mouse clicks. Download Now Learn more.... A revolutionary 3D printing preparation program with plentiful powerful features that gives you more freedom and abilities on how to process your 3D printing data. BUY NOW Learn more....

How to install chitubox plugin?

Hope this helps :) 1 Download the plugin file and unzip it. 2 Open Chitubox (I'm currently running 1.6.3) 3 From the menus select "Help", "Plugins", then select "Build Plugin". It will then prompt you to select a folder. 4 This will return you to the Plugins menu. Now select "Import Plugin" and navigate to the same file location. You... More ...

Is there a way to save the slice file in chitubox?

The latest ChiTuBox, 1.6.1 finally added the Orange 10 and 30 and when you try to save the slice file .LGS is the only option (no .ZIP). But when you hit Save it gives an error that .LGS is not a valid format and you need a plugin. I can't find this plugin anywhere so I have no way to save my file. Edit: Never mind, I found the plugin.

Why is my chitubox not working?

This may be a compatibility issue between the model and the software. Our software will support the chitubox soon, the R&D department is checking it out, and it will be released in about two days. This will solve the problem by then. We will post to the official website and facebook, you can join our group. Thank you very much for your support.

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