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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are MESP1+ cells highly expressed early cardiovascular genes?

Transcriptome analysis revealed that MESP1+ cells highly expressed early cardiovascular genes and heart development genes. The activation of MESP1 relied on the strength of canonical Wnt signaling, peak MESP1-mTomato fluorescence correlated with the window of canonical Wnt inhibition during in vitro differentiation.

Does MESP1 + cell percentage depend on signaling pathways in knock-in reporters?

Above results confirmed that the MESP1 homozygous knock-in reporter faithfully reflected the expression of endogenous MESP1 gene. We next tested how different signaling pathways may affect MESP1 + cell percentage.

What does MESP1 stand for?

Mesoderm posterior 1 ( Mesp1) is a helix-loop-helix homeobox transcription factor only transiently present during the early stages of heart development [ 1, 2 ]. It is initially expressed in the primitive streak, then in the lateral mesoderm that migrated anteriorly and formed the heart [ 1, 2 ].

What is the difference between Sham and MESP1 + cells engrafted Hearts?

The LVRI score had no significant difference from that of the Sham group. MESP1 + cells engrafted hearts have significantly less fibrosis and a more muscularized area, which is in line with the much better physiological function of this group (Figure 6 A-H).

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