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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mrs Dash have MSG?

MSG (aka glutamates) serves as a flavor enhancer. Using it creates a richer, meatier, mushroomy taste and brings out the flavor in a lot of dishes. I've seen fish sauce and Mrs. Dash seasoning suggested as suitable replacements for MSG. Dashi contains lots glutamates.

Is Mrs Dash good for kidney disease?

Mrs. Dash is great and very popular, but there are many more options to help those with chronic kidney disease be creative in the kitchen, including: Additionally, you can enjoy small amounts of green pepper or onion, vinegar and wine. Avoid using salt substitutes or seasonings that contain potassium chloride.

Is Mrs. Dash a healthy salt substitute?

No, it is not safe. You need to use anything but salt or a salt substitute. Mrs. Dash offers a great seasoning mix that offers a lot of taste without salt. You ust stop using salt on your food. That includes cooking with salt too.

How much potassium is in Mrs Dash?

Mrs Dash -----Not so great. I see a few people are using Mrs dash but from what on read on their fact sheet (see Link) It has upwards of 1700mg of Potassium per 1/4tsp.

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