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Who has tattoos on his face?

Lil Xan is another rapper who chose to get ink on his face. Some of the artist’s tattoos also have a very deep meaning. Along with a series of Zs, the words “lover” and “candy” on his face, Xan also has the Latin phrase “Memento mori” above one of his eyebrows. The rapper got the tattoo after the death of his friend and fellow rapper Mac Miller.

What tattoos does Rick Ross have?

Among his many tattoos, Rick Ross has quite a few on his face. The rapper and music exec boasts quite a bit of ink on his face, including a crown, three crosses, and the letter W, among others. Each tattoo is laced with a lot of meaning for entrepreneur, much like the next person on our list!

How many rappers have face tattoos?

You are here: Home / Celebrity Tattoos / Top 10 Famous Rappers with Face Tattoos Not even five years ago, it was unusual to see a rapper with face tattoos. Only a handful of rappers had face tattoos, and even fewer of them had multiple tattoos.

What tattoos does Justin Bieber have?

His recent tattoos include “Stay Away” and Barbed wire on his forehead, a sword on the right side of his face, and the words “Always” and “Tired” under both his eyes. He also got a little smiley face and a tiny playboy logo under one eye.

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