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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Natsuki dead in the anime?

Natsuki is the only character killed Off-screen. We don't get any breakdown or horror sequence. It dosen't help that we also never got a deep look in her problems like Sayori or Yuri.

Why didn't Natsuki kill herself?

Natsuki didn’t have to take her aggression out on other people, it was her flaw, but because of that, when it was amplified, it wouldn’t manifest in suicide because she didn’t see herself as the problem; she saw others as the problem.

Does Natsuki die in Doki Doki exit music?

How did Natsuki die in Doki Doki exit music? Bungled Suicide: The story opens with this premise— MC prevents Sayori from hanging herself and Natsuki from poisoning herself. Near the end he stops Natsuki from bleeding to death after cutting her wrists.

Why didn't Monika force Natsuki's friends to die?

The deaths, and Natsuki's lack there of, are consistent with the narrative that Monika didn't outright force them to die but instead turned their inherent flaws to maximum. Natsuki's flaw just so happened to be one that wasn't conducive to self harm and so she kinda lucked out.

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