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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five phases of the nursing process?

Nursing process consists of 5 main phases; Assessment phase, Diagnosing phase, Planning phase, Implementing phase and Evaluation phase. All the phases work hand in hand together and one links to another with every phase having its important role.

What is implementation in nursing process?

"Implementation consists of initiation and completion of the nursing care plan as defined by the nursing diagnoses and outcome critera. When it comes to medication administration, the nurse also needs to know and understand all of the information about the patient and each medication prescribed."

What is assessment in nursing process?

Nursing Assessment. Nursing Assessment • Assessment is the first stage of the nursing process in which the nurse should carry out a complete and holistic nursing assessment of every patient's needs, regardless of the reason for the encounter. Usually, an assessment framework, based on a nursing model is used.

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