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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blessedblessed Sacrament School?

Blessed Sacrament School, a parish sponsored preschool through eighth grade school, is guided by Catholic values. We foster a caring community, provide a high standard of excellence in education, empower students to develop God-given talents and enable them to be life long learners, problem solvers, and active participants in their world.

What is it like to attend Blessed Sacrament?

Welcome! Blessed Sacrament is a special place with a tradition of serving the parish and anyone else who wishes to be a part of our vibrant school community. We are recognized not only for exceptional academics but also for the strong service ethic that we develop with the students.

Why the Blessed Sacrament Huguenot school?

The Blessed Sacrament Huguenot School isn’t just one school. It’s many. It’s as unique and individual as every student who comes through our doors. Every student thrives in a faith~based environment that brings out their very best. Early Learners

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