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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plus-size models redefining beauty standards on Instagram?

Typical standards of beauty and fashion usually exclude women with curves. Plus-size models are redefining beauty standards on Instagram, where they are amassing millions of Instagram followers. Models you should be following include Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, and Iskra Lawrence. Times are rightfully changing in the fashion industry.

What size is a plus size model?

The hottest plus size models based in (or from) the U.S. A plus size model is anywhere from a size 6/8 and up.

Who are the best curve models on Instagram?

Iskra is one of the most famous curve models out there, and with good reason. We love her for constantly keeping it real with her Instagram posts, making the social media platform feel like a safe and exciting place, rather than one of isolation and airbrushing. 18. Jill Kortleve This content is imported from Instagram.

Who are the models in the Nike Plus-size activewear ads?

Naomi Shimada (@naomishimada), 29, modeled in the campaign for Nike's new plus-size line of activewear. 36.3k followers enjoy Naomi's Instagram posts. Marquita Pring (@marquitapring), 27, was the face of denim brand Levi Strauss & Co.

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