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Frequently Asked Questions

What is radradicchio and what are its benefits?

Radicchio is a very nutrient-rich vegetable and is high in Vitamin K, fiber, zinc, and copper! It also contains a good amount of antioxidants, which is always a benefit for fighting off free radicals. Like other veggies, it’s low in calories and filled with many more vitamins, making it a great choice for incorporating into your favorite meals!

Is radicchio a type of cabbage?

Nope, these aren’t photos of cabbage! Radicchio (pronounced “ruh-dee-key-o”) is a dark purple or red colored veggie that’s referred to as a lettuce, though it’s actually a chicory or endive. The flavor is much different than lettuce and cabbage and tends to be bitter.

How do you cut radicchio in half?

Next, cut the radicchio in half so that the stem is sliced in half lengthwise. From here, you can see the “V” shaped stem in the middle of each half. Remove it by cutting it out at an angle. Once the stem is removed, how you cut the remaining halves will depend on your recipe.

Can you eat radicchio heads raw?

You can eat it raw in a salad, or you can use it in cooked recipes like pasta or soup. You’ll want to choose radicchio heads with bright and “firm” feeling leaves. Avoid wilted or soft heads for the best cooking results and flavor!

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