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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Regis for graduate education?

Regis' nursing, health sciences, education, and communication programs provide skills-based graduate education that your career demands. Regis provides the ideal combination of on-campus, online, and hybrid course formats that enable you to keep working as you earn your graduate degree and manage a working professional's life.

What is the academic calendar at Regis?

Regis has academic calendars based on undergraduate traditional semesters, graduate term calendars, and those for online programs. An Undergraduate academic year is two terms, usually Fall and Spring. Summer courses are available but in most cases optional, as is Intercession.

Why invest in Regis College?

We call for a renewed, enthusiastic, and generous investment in Regis College, the Jesuit School of theology in Canada, a school facing outwards, and eager to serve others. “Regis College aims to form women and men for ministry and service in the Church and society.

Where do online students live in the Regis community?

While they may live thousands of miles from the Weston campus, online students in Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska are still very much connected to the Regis community. Panelists at Regis College’s President’s Lecture Series on Health examined the increased prevalence of behavioral addiction in a growing interconnected society.

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