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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Road Runner sports offer women's running shoes?

Does Road Runner Sports offer women's running shoes? An elite female runner needs an exceptional pair of athletic shoes for women. If you're the kind of gal that only settles for the best of the best, then Road Runner Sports has the brands and styles for you.

Why choose Roadrunner for your business?

Our business experiences fluctuating volumes from month-to-month and RoadRunner makes it easy to adjust our pickup schedule, as needed, with on-call services. They also consolidated billing for our entire portfolio of locations into one easy to understand invoice.

How many complaints are there against Road Runner Sports Inc?

FYI, there are over 112 complaints against Road Runner Sports Inc in Better Business Bureau regarding the same issue. Road Runner Sports Inc uses their client credit cards without authorizations. Horrible customer service.

Why choose Road Runner sports New Jersey?

New Jersey’s been one of our favorite homes since 2008. Today, we’re just as committed as we were back then to fitting runners, walkers, and gym goers in your perfect fitting running shoes. After 36 years, Road Runner Sports is still run by family and proud of it!

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