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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between registration token and runner token?

Registration tokens are used to create runner tokens. The former are available at instance, group and project level so you may share runners across the instance, group or have dedicated runners for a project. The runner token is used to authenticate and authorize.

How do I get a GitLab Runner registration token?

It is obtained either automatically when registering a Runner, or manually when registering the Runner via the Runners API. Here’s an example of how the two tokens are used in Runner registration: You register the Runner via the GitLab API using a registration token, and an authentication token is returned.

How many concurrent runs can I run on a single token?

Additionally you may use this for resource sharing: buy a big machine, set it‘s overall limit to 32 parallel runs and create 8 runner tokens for 8 different groups, restrict the parallelism of each token to 4 concurrent runs. I know it’s a very old thread, but I’ll give it a try anyway…

Are instance-level runner details available to all signed in users?

Instance-level runner details via this endpoint are available to all signed in users. The token attribute in the response was deprecated in GitLab 12.10 . and removed in GitLab 13.0. Update details of a runner.

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