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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sabre yacht?

Jim Taylor provides hull design, underwater appendages and rig plans, while the Sabre Design Team develops the deck and interior accommodations plans. Sabre sailing yachts are designed for high load carrying capacity, and stability is achieved both by hull form and by high ballast-to-displacement ratios.

What is a Sabre 28 sailboat?

The Sabre 28 is a series of American sailboats, designed by Roger Hewson and first built in 1971. The boat was built in three versions by Sabre Yachts in the United States between 1971 and 1986, with a total of 588 built. The Sabre 28 was the first design for the newly-formed company.

What is the sabresailboat group?

A group of owners of Sabre sailboats. This group comprise of former members of the Yahoo Group-SabreSailboat and new members of This forum is for discussions of ownership, maintenance and improvements of Sabre sailboats. This discussion will also include the operation, the performance and the upkeep of Sabre Sailboats.

What is a Sabre Dinghy?

The Sabre Dinghy is a class single-handed sailboat that is 12'4" or 3.76 m long. The boat was designed in 1974 by Rex Fettell, who also designed the Minnow. As of 2017 over 2,000 sail numbers have been issued.

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