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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scampi Grill?

The Scampi Grill is a multi-regional Italian Cuisine Bistro that is located in the heart of downtown Vero Beach, Florida. The Scampi Grill starts with the freshest ingredients possible then with the perfect touch, they add their own secret ingredients. ensuring each delicious dish is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Where to eat good Italian food in Vero Beach?

Scampi Grill is an Italian spot in Vero Beach catered to the pricier side/higher class. I believe there are plenty of other good Italian food in Vero Beach, but because this place was vouched by my coworker we ended up landing here. Walking inside, it was a very cozy dining experience.

Is SCAMPI A good place to eat?

If you want to taste some delicious chianti, white wine or beer, Scampi is a decent choice for you. Great lemonade, cappuccino or ice tea will make your meal better and you'll surely come back. It's easy to find this place due to the convenient location. Many visitors find the staff accommodating.

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