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Frequently Asked Questions

Is scratch free?

Yes! Scratch is a free software. Since its main purpose is to open doors to programming, MIT decided to put it available entirely at no cost. All you need to do is follow the instructions above and start using it for free.

What is Scratch 2?

Scratch 2.0. Scratch 2.0, also known as Scratch 2, is the second, current major version of Scratch, following Scratch 1.4. It features a redesigned editor and website, and it allows anyone to edit projects directly from their web browser as well as in an offline editor . It went into public beta on January 28, 2013,...

What is Scratch project editor?

A project is created in the Scratch program's editor , which is the interface for designing and programming a project on Scratch. Projects can be shared from the Scratch 3.0 online editor, the offline editor, or Scratch 1.4. To access the online editor, click "Create" on the navigation bar at the left top of the website.

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