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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Shirley MacLaine Live?

Paul McCartney Loves When His Family Comes Together! Meet His 5 Kids While many of us are going stir-crazy at home, Shirley MacLaine is making the most of this time on her ranch in Abiquiú, New Mexico. “ Couldn’t be happier ,” Shirley says in the new issue of Closer magazine, on newsstands now. “I love nature. I’m watching mountains. Animals.

Is Shirley MacLaine dating anyone?

Though she is currently single, MacLaine recently told the UK's Radio Times that she thinks she was "lovers" with her "Downton" co-star Maggie Smith in "another life."

Who is Shirley MacLaine's Greatest Lover?

Shirley MacLaine may have once slept with three men in one day, but there is only one man who holds a special place in her heart (and bed). In a new interview with the UK's Guardian around her upcoming guest stint on "Downton Abbey," the 78-year-old actress admitted her greatest lover was a Canuck.

Does Shirley Temple keep in touch with her siblings?

She also keeps in touch with her brother, Warren Beatty, and his wife, Annette Bening. “Warren adores and looks up to his sister, as does Annette — it’s a warm, loving relationship,” the insider says. “Shirley loves their four kids, and the love is returned.”

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