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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool math games?

Math Dice Chase is a cool math game that can be played anywhere. It consists of four specially made dice, two of which are purple and two of which are blue. Players sit in a circle. People on the opposite side of the circle each get a pair of dice which they quickly roll and call out the correct number which is the multiplied sum.

What does cool math mean?

cool math. an app that makes no apperant sense at all. the person who made cool math should die a very long and painful death. Read Also: frunchie something fried and crunchy hense it is frunchie. i love frunchie food!

Is cool math games shutting down?

Coolmath Games, a popular Flash game website and a mainstay of Generation Z culture, is not shutting down in 2020. Polygon has confirmed with Coolmath Games that the site will not shut down as a result of Flash discontinuation. Why is Coolmath blocked?

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