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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Knockouts on 'the Voice' Season 22?

After some incredible Blind Auditions and getting through the competitive Battle Rounds, it's finally time for The Voice fans to experience Season 22's Knockouts. And this year marks the series' first-ever three-way Knockouts. This means that while representing their respective team, three Artists will face-off against each other at once.

Did the voice knockouts really make you see stars?

Monday’s final episode of The Voice ’s Season 20 Knockouts really did make me see stars. I gave out grades of A to no fewer than six — yes, six — contestants. And they really, really deserved them, I wasn’t just getting overexcited as I sometimes do. (Yeah, I can admit it.)

What are the knockout rounds on'the Masked Singer'?

For the Knockout Rounds, coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Ariana Grande paired two members of their team against each other in a sing-off and then had to decide who was the winner and who was going home.

When do the live playoffs start on the voice?

The third and final night of Knockout Rounds for season 21 of The Voice took place on Monday night as the teams were locked into place for the Live Playoffs, which will start Monday, Nov. 8.

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