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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does a train chart come out?

We all know that the train runs for 24 hours, so for those trains which leave from 12 am to 11 am, the chart is fixed at 8 am. A final chart is prepared for such trains at 8 o’clock. In which travelers can easily see their confirmation. It makes the passengers aware of the waiting list and RAC status.

When is the seat booking chart prepared for a train?

The first chart is usually prepared 4 hours before departure of train from originating station or remote location station. For early morning trains chart is prepared the night before. If the seats remain vacant in first chart, the remaining seats are made available for booking. The final chart is made 30min before departure of train.

What is IRCTC train chart preparation time?

IRCTC Train Chart Preparation Time: We all travel by train and use the Train Chart to get accurate information about the final status of our travel tickets. The train chart is always set 4 hours before the train arrives at the destination. In this post, we will give you the time to prepare the train chart and give you complete information about it.

How to check train reservation chart?

If you have ever traveled by train, then you would have seen people in stations busy checking the train reservation chart to know the confirmed status. The reservation charts are generally pasted on each coach of the train beside the doorways. The charts are also pasted on the boards on railway platforms.

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