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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the purpose of uWorld?

The UWorld software is designed to access your computer system's clipboard during use. While a test is in progress, the UWorld software shall disable all clipboard functions of your computer system (including, but not limited to, copy-paste-print and save-to-disk functions).

How much does uWorld cost?

At $49 for 90 days, or $79 for 180 days, UWorld may not be suitable for everyone (in addition to the test fees, tutoring, and prep courses).

Is uWorld like the NCLEX?

The concepts in Uworld are the same. Uworld is similar to NCLEX in difficulty and at a higher level than Hesi. The screen in Uworld is almost identical to the NCLEX screen. I love Uworld and believe this is exactly what I need to get me from near standard (as per my performance report) to above standard.

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