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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uWorld for Step 1?

What Is UWORLD For Step 1? UWorld Step 1 Qbank is a comprehensive USMLE Step 1 tool comprising more than 2,900 questions challenging your critical thinking skills. More than relying on memorization, UWorld provides detailed explanations of important concepts needed to answer Step 1 questions correctly.

When to take uWorld self-assessment for Step 1?

When To Take UWorld Self-Assessment For Step 1? The choice on when to take the first UWORLD practice test is a personal one. Here’s some guidance though! Take at least three practice tests — says Thomas Mike, a Clinical Instructor from the University of Pittsburgh. First, at the start before reading to have a baseline score.

How many uWorld Step 1 QBank questions do I need to complete?

If you target to finish the UWorld Step 1 Qbank in 30 days: 5,800 questions/30 days = 193 questions/day. (For a 90-day access, approximately 65 questions/day; whereas for an 180-day access, you need around 33 questions/day) So, to keep on track to your schedule, you need to do 193 questions or 4-5 question blocks a day.

Are the uWorld USMLE Step 1 QBank exam questions worth it?

The UWorld’s USMLE Step 1 Qbank has more than 2,900 questions to practice on. Are The UWorld Self-Assessments Worth It? Yes, they are. The Self-assessment feature of UWorld mirrors the actual exam.

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