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Frequently Asked Questions

When to expect Step 2 CK results?

Results for computer-based examinations (Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3) are typically available within three to four weeks after your test date. However, delays are possible for various reasons. In selecting your test date and inquiring about results, you should allow at least eight weeks to receive notification that yourscore report is available.

How long for Step 2 CK scores to come out?

Most Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) scores are reported within 3-4 weeks of testing. However, because of necessary annual modifications to the test item pools, there will be a delay in reporting for some examinees who test beginning on or after the week of June 27, 2021.

How long did you study for Step 2 CK?

How long did you take to study for step 2 CK. You really should be studying during 3rd year. Most people take 4 weeks. So that they can sit the exam by beginning of sept and have their scores back by end of sept. But you are ending with surgery which sucks.

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