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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into my Vanguard account?

We ask you to log on to® using your Vanguard user name and password. This will allow you to access all of your Vanguard accounts. In the future, skip this screen and take me to the Log On screen.

What is Vanguard's investment philosophy?

Vanguard’s online brokerage platform caters to buy-and-hold investors pursuing long-term goals. Vanguard’s approach embodies the investing principles of founder John C. Bogle: Active trading is a mug’s game, fees should be cut to the bone and new investors need plenty of guidance.

What is the Vanguard website?

Vanguard is a leading global provider of investment management and advisory services. offers a full range of investment products, including mutual funds, index funds, target-date funds, exchange-traded funds, and closed-end funds. Vanguard also offers a full range of retirement products and services.

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