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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raven's home renewed for a fifth season?

On Friday, Disney Channel announced its renewal of the hit sitcom Raven's Home for a fifth season, as well as a significant change in setting and a cast shakeup. "Ever since the debut of That's So Raven , Raven-Symoné has been an incredibly important part of the Disney Channel family.

Will Chelsea be missed in 'Raven's home' season 5?

While Chelsea will certainly be missed in the upcoming season of "Raven's Home," the remaining characters and the nostalgic storyline will hopefully fill the void. Watch the season five premiere of "Raven's Home" on March 11 on Disney Channel and Disney+.

What happens in 'Raven-Symoné' season 5?

This is a lot, so you might want to sit down: Season 5 will find Raven (Raven-Symoné) and Booker Baxter (Issac Ryan Brown) relocating from Chicago to San Francisco, where they will care for Raven’s dad Victor (new series regular Rondell Sheridan) after he has a “mild heart attack,” according to Disney Channel.

Why is the cast of Raven's home changing?

According to certain rumors online, the current changes in the cast are likely due to contract negotiations. With Disney, allegedly, wanting to bring on new “regulars” at lower rates compared to renegotiating higher pay rates for a bunch of actors who have been Raven’s Home series regulars for four seasons.

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