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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invitae a subsidiary of Genomic Health?

Invitae Corp. is a biotechnology company that was created as a subsidiary of Genomic Health in 2010 and then spun-off in 2012. [2] In 2017, Invitae acquired Good Start Genetics and CombiMatrix. [3] [4] In 2020, Invitae announced the acquisition of ArcherDX for $1.4 billion. [5]

Who is Invitae?

The Invitae team includes pioneers in genetics, medicine, technology, and genetic counseling, and is trusted by experts to provide the most comprehensive, reliable genetic screening and support available. Through all stages of life and all areas of medicine, when the question is genetics, the answer is Invitae.

How do I make a payment to Invitae?

Endorse the check by writing “Pay to the Order of Invitae” on the back and sign your name directly below. Cash the check yourself and remit payment to Invitae using a payment method of your choice, such as credit card, personal check or money order. You can make a credit card payment by phone by calling 1-800-436-3037 .

Does Invitae accept Medicare?

We do not accept Medicare (or managed Medicare) for exome testing. We do not accept Medicare (or managed Medicare) for microarray, karyotype analysis, FISH, maternal cell contamination studies, and amniotic fluid AFP/AChE at this time. What is the Invitae Patient Assistance Program?

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