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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uWorld for Step 1?

What Is UWORLD For Step 1? UWorld Step 1 Qbank is a comprehensive USMLE Step 1 tool comprising more than 2,900 questions challenging your critical thinking skills. More than relying on memorization, UWorld provides detailed explanations of important concepts needed to answer Step 1 questions correctly.

What is a good score in uWorld Step 1 QBank?

Scoring 65% in UWorld Step 1 Qbank is considered a good average especially for anyone who has taken it for the first time. Meanwhile, having 75% and above will most likely get you a 250+ in the exam! To learn more tips to get a 250+, check out our free Step 1 Masterclass here!

How to answer uWorld Questions piece-by-piece?

Mastering how to answer UWorld questions piece-by-piece leads you closer to getting an above-average score in Step 1. 1. Read The Last Line. The last line is the question. By reading the last line, you’re already aware of what’s being asked.

Is uWorld or NBME better for Step 1?

Always remember that UWorld and NBME are two fantastic resources for Step 1, but they’re different on the aspects they’re testing and how they are formulated. If you’re doing well on UWorld, it just means you’ve gradually figured out how to answer lengthy clinical questions.

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