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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an offshore worker?

Whether you are experienced or completely new to the role, want to work in oil, gas, or wind, our top tips are sure to get you over the line, and help you secure your job. Let’s start by looking at what an Offshore Worker actually is. WHAT IS AN OFFSHORE WORKER? Offshore Working, quite literally, means working off the shore.

Do you need offshore experience?

No offshore experience is essential however it is desirable that the individual has customer service experience and back ground knowledge and experience in a… More... Help with maintenance and upkeep of the vessel including cleanliness and orderly condition of the deck, crew's quarters, crew mess, etc; More...

What are the core competencies of an offshore worker?

As with any job, in any industry, offshore workers must adhere to a set of job-specific core competencies. Core competencies are essentially a set of behavioural guidelines for employees to follow. They outline the expectations of the company, and also form a very important part of the offshore workers’ application process.

Are offshore installations uncomfortable?

Although offshore installations have a reputation for being uncomfortable places, this is actually not the case for most. The majority of offshore installations offer a good standard of living for the crew, with en-suite (shared) quarters, and food.

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